Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of putting my app on appromoter?

Nothing. Zilch. It’s FREE.  There is no cost for registering with appromoter or listing your app on


Are there any hidden costs?

No.  There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.  It’s completely free to upload your app’s media assets to the site.


So how do you make money?

Look at our Services page and you’ll see. We’re a team of mobile marketing and PR specialists. If you need any help with promoting your app then we can provide this help for a fixed fee. If you’ve got everything covered then that’s fine by us but many developers don’t have specialist app marketers on their team and that’s where we can add value.


How long will my app be on the site for?

3 months – we need to make sure that the journalists that use the site see fresh material to keep their interest.  


How many reviews will being on appromoter get me?

We cannot and do not make any promises about reviews.  Anyone who does is pulling your leg.  Your app will be visible to the many journalists, reviewers and bloggers that use appromoter as a research tool.  If your app catches their attention then they may take a closer look and review it.  We can get your app in front of them but your app and media assets have to do the rest of the job.  If you’re uncertain about the quality of your app description, press release or don’t think your video cuts the mustard then we can help with this.

How do I become a Featured App on the site?

This is one of the extra services we provide our clients.  If you take a look under “services” you will find the complete list of professional and affordable services we provide.  Being a Featured App on the site is one of these services.


What can I do to make the most of appromoter?

We have written a special blog that deals with this very subject.  Find it here.


How can I get the famous appromoter Top Ten Tips Booklet?

It is available for download here.


Is it possible to advertise on appromoter?

appromoter offer a number of advertising options to meet every requirement.  Please contact someone on the sales team to discuss your requirements.


I am trying to raise funding for my app.  Is this something you can help with?

This is not something we get involved with though signing up to the site will certainly give you access to materials, discounts, and other services that will make developing your app a whole lot easier.


You’ve approved my account but it’s still not active.

Please check your spam folder for a verification email. If that doesn’t work please contact the support team at


Why do you have to approve my account and how long does it take?

As we make pre-release information, promo codes and apk file downloads available to our media users  we need to ensure accounts are genuine.  Your account will be approved within a few hours. If you’re in a hurry email and we will prioritise your registration.


My password isn’t working.

Please check that you have verified your email address - check your spam folder. You can reset your password using the “forgot password” link.

If this doesn’t sort out the problem please contact the Support Team at


Why do I have to include promo codes with my app details?

Our promo code distribution service is one of the key reasons journalists, reviewers and bloggers use appromoter when deciding on which apps to review. If your app is a premium (paid-for) app then you will need to provide some promo codes before we will accept your app for listing on the site. These codes will only be released to our genuine media users and you can see exactly who has downloaded your codes at all times. Remember your promo codes expire after 28 days - we recommend uploading one or two codes at a time.